Long summer days
Somewhere way beyond the black
Shiny pools of turquoise blue,
And rays of light glistening on my skin.
My feet are soaking in the crystal blue
And I am here trying to let the words fall from my mouth like silk.
Wrapped in a melancholy, chocolate coloured blanket
I could eat every last inch of you.
The sun hits my face, like a burning hot wave of fire
And I feel younger than I have ever felt.
Do our desires dictate our souls?
Make us blind?
Fill us with holes?
You have a wicked stare,
A stare to end them all.
You are a broken man, you were broken from the fall;
You drench your heart in liquor,
As I watch you sway in your own personal Eden
And I say to you “Go figure! This is all too human”

– She Moves

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