A little out of shape
And a little too thin
At times way too quiet 
And at others, too confident
Where’s your je ne sais quoi?
Where’s your expensive make-up?
You crave the love
But are more comfortable with the break-up

A little bit strange
And a little bit off
I can’t tell you what you are 
But I can tell you what you’re not!
You can write the words
But you can’t be the singer
Nobody wants a sad girl
We just want a winner

A little bit pretty
But a little too serious
It’s just not that fashionable,
To still be mysterious 
But I love the beauty 
And I love the sin
I have many sides
I am more than one thing!
I wouldn’t say you’re wrong
But then I wouldn’t say you’re right
I’m tired of being the girl that just isn’t quite!

– She Moves

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