Next up in a series of ‘Love You Won’t Find Twice’ poems, is one from an artist I had the pleasure of writing with a few weeks ago, Nicole Ariana. I really connected with her words because even when you love someone, you can still sometimes lose the connection.
This lady is pure talent and is going to be releasing some very exciting music in the months ahead, but for now thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

And I slept in the spot on the bed where you left me
Wind and snow shook the windows as I fell to the bed
A shriek
In fear
A tearful pain inside that twisted
Yanked my soul beyond what I knew possible before that moment

Just tell me how you liked my words
And if they were too rough

Just hold me once again in trust
I wanna be enough

Brown eyes I need so deep in mine
He sings me lullabies and writes a rhyme for our life
Breathe your hopes into my mind and give your tender touch to mine

The things I would change for your love 
If I could
I first dreamed it was different
I was different
And perfect for you

– Nicole Ariana

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