Earth Day…

I’m a day late for Earth Day but… I wanted to share a poem I wrote whilst sitting in one of my favourite places in London, Hampstead Heath (this pic was taken at The Roaches, Peak District).
Sometimes when things are chaotic or I’m feeling low; going for a walk and connecting with nature helps to centre and ground me. Taking in a deep breath and looking out at an amazing view, helps me appreciate how beautiful life and this world can actually be. x

Rolling mounds of 
and a confetti of buttercups
sprinkled on top
of freshly cut grass.
The lavender is swaying in
the silent wind.
The sun beams down 
on the hopeful, happy
faced people, as they 
are embraced by the
open arms of nature.
I who believed in nothing 
now believes in everything…
In a pink Jasmin reverie,
her beauty has restored me 
and love runs through 
my lonely bones.

– She Moves 

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