A Woman’s Grace

I found this old poem I had written about my admiration for the glamorous starlets and icons of the 1950’s. In light of what’s been happening recently in Alabama (but lets not forget Northern Ireland) I wanted to dedicate this poem to all women. I also want to add that I equally celebrate men! I’ve seen a little too much of a generalisation on social media directing angry opinions towards ‘men’. This is not an issue and should never be an issue with men. This is an issue with archaic, cowardly and oppressive beliefs.

Dazzling eyes, brilliant smile
Elegant, iconic, glamorous in style
Soft silk words that fall from her lips
Timeless beauty in each fingertip
And how I long to hold such grace
To be bold and unique
In my own subtle ways
To capture it forever
In the palm of my hand
That cannot be taken
By no beast nor man
I want it still and so
I endeavour
To not be forgotten
To live forever

– She Moves

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