A Poem About What Happiness Is And Isn’t To Me…

Happiness is home
Fresh sheets
My Mother in the background
On the phone
My Father sitting on his
Cushioned throne
And no worries on my mind
No words that are unkind

Happiness is not,
Shutting myself away
Avoiding my friends
While I procrastinate for
Days and days
Stifled creativity and sleepless nights
Drinking till my problems
Are out of sight

Out of time
Out of mind
My true self should not
Be this hard to find….

Happiness are fresh lilies
On the kitchen table
A kiss from my lover
White vintage blouse with no labels
Rainbow reflections and technicolour dreams
Believing myself and every girl is a queen

Happiness is not,
Saying venomous words when I’m scared
It is not pretending I don’t, when I care
It is not giving my power away
It is not sacrificing myself so they’ll

Happiness is seeing the world
And it’s charms
Happiness is my little boy
Curled up in my arms
Happiness is not living for tomorrow
But for today
Happiness is letting it in
And not pushing it away

– She Moves

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