Wasn’t It You That Said…

I’m a little late on this one, but I wanted to share some thoughts of mine for International Women’s Day. I am so grateful for the men in my life, they are strong and secure enough to see women as equals, they do not have to be told or reminded. I am as proud of them as I am of all the strong women in my life, that inspire me everyday. I am lucky to have the most incredible friendships with women who are void of jealousy and competitiveness; instead they are just thoughtful, kind, genuine people. But International Women’s Day is not about staying silent. All we can ever do is try to speak truthfully and openly about our own experiences and hope that it may comfort and help someone going through a similar experience feel less alienated and alone. I am not always good at expressing myself in person, but I can write the words. This poem is for anyone who has been made to feel less than not just a man, but less that anybody else. If you have ever been reduced to merely someone’s girlfriend or wife and if you have ever been told or ‘advised’ what to do with your own body. You are free to make your own choices and You are enough.

Wasn’t it you that said they would run for the hills
That all I was good for was for the chase, for the thrill
That my body was there to keep him fulfilled
That if I played the game and gave him my love
Maybe, eventually I could get what I want
That I needed to ask first
That I needed permission
And you would be there to collect the winnings
But you did not like that I learned to say No,
So you punished me
You told me nobody cared
And for a while I believed your words,
Because I was scared.
You crushed my spirit
You crushed my lungs
You almost bullied me out of having a son
You tried to make me small
Because you were too small to match me
So let me tell you now what I believe…
I am a woman
I am a Mother
I am strong
I am wiser now to know you were wrong
I learned to look up instead of look down
You never had me or my crown.

– She Moves

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