A Poem About What Happiness Is And Isn’t To Me…

Happiness is home
Fresh sheets
My Mother in the background
On the phone
My Father sitting on his
Cushioned throne
And no worries on my mind
No words that are unkind

Happiness is not,
Shutting myself away
Avoiding my friends
While I procrastinate for
Days and days
Stifled creativity and sleepless nights
Drinking till my problems
Are out of sight

Out of time
Out of mind
My true self should not
Be this hard to find….

Happiness are fresh lilies
On the kitchen table
A kiss from my lover
White vintage blouse with no labels
Rainbow reflections and technicolour dreams
Believing myself and every girl is a queen

Happiness is not,
Saying venomous words when I’m scared
It is not pretending I don’t, when I care
It is not giving my power away
It is not sacrificing myself so they’ll

Happiness is seeing the world
And it’s charms
Happiness is my little boy
Curled up in my arms
Happiness is not living for tomorrow
But for today
Happiness is letting it in
And not pushing it away

– She Moves

Georgia O’Keeffe – Ladder To The Moon

Bewildering, brilliant, magnificent white
The perfect circle of devotion to the black velvet sky
A mystifying mystery of dark versus bright
Illuminating hope to those with fragile sight
Minds catching dreams & making wishes
The moons hears your secrets and grants lovers kisses
So shine on me through the silhouetted leaves
As I lie here by the river beneath the trees

– She Moves

All that I am
All I have become
The life I have made
And the life I’ve undone
Searching for answers that do not exist
Finding the next part of me that I need to fix
Pushing the limits of a daydream queen
Wanting the spotlight since I was fifteen
Choosing my words, but biting my tongue
Something I learnt to do when I was very young
I am not a sad story
I am just lonely
If I risk it all & reach out
Will you hold me?

– She Moves

I fell off track again,
Slipped through your hands again
My hearts already black
You made damn sure of that.
Once, twice then I’m the fool
but you always manage to keep your cool.
My heads been spun with lies,
but when it’s fun, oh how time flies.
Bound with dust and colours pulled so tight, they shatter.
What would you care to remember?
When it was ripped right through the centre

– She Moves

A Woman’s Grace

I found this old poem I had written about my admiration for the glamorous starlets and icons of the 1950’s. In light of what’s been happening recently in Alabama (but lets not forget Northern Ireland) I wanted to dedicate this poem to all women. I also want to add that I equally celebrate men! I’ve seen a little too much of a generalisation on social media directing angry opinions towards ‘men’. This is not an issue and should never be an issue with men. This is an issue with archaic, cowardly and oppressive beliefs.

Dazzling eyes, brilliant smile
Elegant, iconic, glamorous in style
Soft silk words that fall from her lips
Timeless beauty in each fingertip
And how I long to hold such grace
To be bold and unique
In my own subtle ways
To capture it forever
In the palm of my hand
That cannot be taken
By no beast nor man
I want it still and so
I endeavour
To not be forgotten
To live forever

– She Moves

Imogen Cunningham

I’ve not been sleeping
My body aches
I’ve got this feeling,
That I know I can’t erase.
Your soul is wild
& I am strange
I love the soft desires
Written on your face.

– She Moves