Our bones will turn to gold,
Our bones will turn to gold
We are stardust.
It was not you, it was I who was dead
As I searched for my soul in your bed.
I closed my eyes and spoke to you in a thousand silent ways
As we followed a pavement of stars.

– She Moves

Rose Gray – Blue, Lately


I’ve been listening to Rose Grays debut EP Blue, Lately a LOT recently. Having written with Rose, I can say she is a true artist and poet. The raw, honesty of her lyrics in this EP is why I connect to it so much and she was lovely enough to share her lyrics with me to post.

She’s a total superstar and there are big things to come from this lady! Check out the EP below, you’ll love it!


sometimes it feels hard to keep up with the plans that I make for myself. I’m not sure what gets in the way of them or me, but moving forward feels better than staying still.

There is a place way beyond the black,
Where another version of myself is waiting.
A place of peace, a place of comfort,
A place all our dreams have been created.
Sometimes I fall like an autumn leaf in to the dirt
And sometimes I soar higher than a plane
Where the air is warm and I’m a little closer to heaven.

– She Moves 


Mother you said I was born when it 
That I could fit in a shoebox, that I was
delicate and small
That I followed you close, wherever you
would go
That I hid behind your skirt, when I was
scared to say hello

Mother you are an open book
with sacred words from which I took
And carried with me throughout my life
And in dark times, they have been
my light

Mother your hands are the softest I’ve
And comfort me when I need to come
You know who I am and you know where
I’ve been
And you love me the same no matter how
much you’ve seen.

– She Moves

Next up in a series of ‘Love You Won’t Find Twice’ poems, is one from an artist I had the pleasure of writing with a few weeks ago, Nicole Ariana. I really connected with her words because even when you love someone, you can still sometimes lose the connection.
This lady is pure talent and is going to be releasing some very exciting music in the months ahead, but for now thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

And I slept in the spot on the bed where you left me
Wind and snow shook the windows as I fell to the bed
A shriek
In fear
A tearful pain inside that twisted
Yanked my soul beyond what I knew possible before that moment

Just tell me how you liked my words
And if they were too rough

Just hold me once again in trust
I wanna be enough

Brown eyes I need so deep in mine
He sings me lullabies and writes a rhyme for our life
Breathe your hopes into my mind and give your tender touch to mine

The things I would change for your love 
If I could
I first dreamed it was different
I was different
And perfect for you

– Nicole Ariana

Earlier this week I asked if anyone would like to share a poem with me about Love and all that encompasses it. The idea was inspired by my recent song ‘A Love You Won’t Find Twice’ and I was intrigued to hear other peoples take on the idea of a once in a life time love.
I’m starting off with a poem by Des Wilson, a really great friend of mine and a women I find extremely inspirational! She is a total free spirit and a bad ass boss woman (being the COO of Freck) Thanks Des and all the others I will be posting throughout the week, for sharing your words with me.

I’ve been staring out your window for two whole days
Wondering if you’ll come back
And if un-phased

Sometimes it takes people to show you who’ve become
To help you guide yourself out of the dim
To help you grow a green thumb

To show you what beauty is and what it is not
To take you around without a blind spot

To make sure you miss nothing, even when it’s miles away
To make you never want to leave and always want to stay

To hold you steady when it’s windy and watch you run when it’s still
To promise someday to take you to a windmill

To support you when you fall, emotionally and actual
Because that’s what we want to do, it always comes natural

You’re the most fascinating person for which I’ve ever met
The ways you think about details
The things you’ll never let yourself forget

At times I wish I could look through your eyes
The colors, the movements
A kaleidoscope in disguise

Sometimes I look at you and I can’t understand
How someone can be so perfect
It’s like living in a dreamland

Hurting you was the last thing I ever wanted to do
I wish I could take it back
I wish I could undo

I wish I didn’t have to wish anymore
Because wishing is false hope
And I want more

The memory of the pine tree swaying left to right
The squirrel on the top, gathering for his dinner for the night

The sun shadowing in on the side of your neighbour’s house
The clouds passing through like a tourist in a rouse

I never want to leave; I always want to be with you
And when I say forever, I mean forever and true.

– Des Wilson

Give Me Love…

These are the lyrics from a song of mine called “Give Me Love” . The song is about the simple desire to be loved by a person who is too afraid to truly love you back. Or that maybe you’re both too afraid to admit that the relationship would not survive without the self destruction and drama.
The Image above is a still from the music video; shot by Bella Howard and Laura Colada, starring Austin Williams from Swim Deep as Ginger George…x

Give me love
Won’t you lay by my side
You say the devils words but,
Heaven’s in those eyes
Give me love
Is it too much to bare
Always too scared
oh no no

Don’t you tell me I’m the one
oh hmm hmm
Don’t you tell me nothings Wrong

Don’t let us die
Or live a lie forever, forever
And you can try
But you’ll never find
A love that’s better x2
oh oh x3
Give me love

Lift me up
No I don’t wanna come down
Is it wrong of me to say
That things hurt less when you’re around
Lift me up
Don’t be so gentle with me
Cause there’s darker things I’ve seen
And I’m not as sweet as I seem

Don’t you tell me I’m the one
oh hmm hmm
Don’t you tell me nothings Wrong

Don’t let us die
Or live a lie forever, forever
And you can try
But you’ll never find
A love that’s better x2
oh oh x3
Give me love