I fell off track again,
Slipped through your hands again
My hearts already black
You made damn sure of that.
Once, twice then I’m the fool
but you always manage to keep your cool.
My heads been spun with lies,
but when it’s fun, oh how time flies.
Bound with dust and colours pulled so tight, they shatter.
What would you care to remember?
When it was ripped right through the centre

– She Moves

A Woman’s Grace

I found this old poem I had written about my admiration for the glamorous starlets and icons of the 1950’s. In light of what’s been happening recently in Alabama (but lets not forget Northern Ireland) I wanted to dedicate this poem to all women. I also want to add that I equally celebrate men! I’ve seen a little too much of a generalisation on social media directing angry opinions towards ‘men’. This is not an issue and should never be an issue with men. This is an issue with archaic, cowardly and oppressive beliefs.

Dazzling eyes, brilliant smile
Elegant, iconic, glamorous in style
Soft silk words that fall from her lips
Timeless beauty in each fingertip
And how I long to hold such grace
To be bold and unique
In my own subtle ways
To capture it forever
In the palm of my hand
That cannot be taken
By no beast nor man
I want it still and so
I endeavour
To not be forgotten
To live forever

– She Moves

Imogen Cunningham

I’ve not been sleeping
My body aches
I’ve got this feeling,
That I know I can’t erase.
Your soul is wild
& I am strange
I love the soft desires
Written on your face.

– She Moves


Two years ago myself and my good friend Freddie Dickson wrote some tunes together and decided to start a side project called Nancy. We wrote these songs together only a few months after my son Lou was born and at the time, I felt there was a lot going on inside of me that I needed to release. I think that’s why these songs felt so raw and we decided to record them live, to capture a moment rather than try to perfect it. We put the songs on soundcloud, but kept the project anonymous and didn’t really do much else with it. Worrying about the opinions of others can make you sit on something too long and I thought it would be nice to share these songs today, as they really captured a special time in my life. x

Eliot Lee Hazel

I long to escape
to glide and soar
through the black velvetĀ 
and disappear in to the
deep blue.
As I sit on these jagged rocks
and I think of God,
I am overwhelmed by the urge to
walk straight in to the
ocean and keep heading
north towards the moon
and maybe somewhere out
there, I will find you.
Nameless, ageless andĀ 
utterly lost, I am happier
than I have ever been
silent, silent, silent.

– She Moves

Earth Day…

I’m a day late for Earth Day but… I wanted to share a poem I wrote whilst sitting in one of my favourite places in London, Hampstead Heath (this pic was taken at The Roaches, Peak District).
Sometimes when things are chaotic or I’m feeling low; going for a walk and connecting with nature helps to centre and ground me. Taking in a deep breath and looking out at an amazing view, helps me appreciate how beautiful life and this world can actually be. x

Rolling mounds of 
and a confetti of buttercups
sprinkled on top
of freshly cut grass.
The lavender is swaying in
the silent wind.
The sun beams down 
on the hopeful, happy
faced people, as they 
are embraced by the
open arms of nature.
I who believed in nothing 
now believes in everything…
In a pink Jasmin reverie,
her beauty has restored me 
and love runs through 
my lonely bones.

– She Moves